Thursday, March 31, 2011

The first on the last

Well, my self-imposed hiatus is over.
I'm back.
Yes, I've been away. Not away away, just... away, as in not online. Much.

But now I've found my way back to my blog, and I intend to visit on a much more regular basis. It is too easy to just let things go. Bad habits are naughty.

So now it's time to start some good habits. I plan to post lots in April.
Unlike March - do you get my cryptic post title? If you do - yay for you! If you don't - I guess I can say goodbye to a career in cryptic crossword clue compiling. hahaha. ha.
(That hahaha-ing is slightly sarcastic, as I wouldn't mind having a job of creating crosswords - and getting paid for it.)

What I've learned today: How to search for files in Windows 7.
(I'm doing a computer course - the first session I attended finished less than an hour before our Feb 22 quake. So understandably, they've been out of action for a while. The classes have been back on as of this week.)