Thursday, November 4, 2010

First quilt

 The very first quilt I made (and finished) was a simple rag quilt. When I first got into quilting, nearly a year ago now, I used the internet to find out everything I could. The rag quilts I saw, and the easy-to-follow instructions that accompanied them, had me believing that even I could make one.

And so I did. Just before xmas I bought a metre of bright pink flannelette, a remnant of white, and some thick batting. At home I rounded up all the offcuts of pajama fabric I could find (which were mainly colours you wouldn't mix with bright pink), and planned out a symmetrical pattern.

About a week later it was done. Too late to be a xmas pressie, it was now a happy-new-year gift for my daughter.

The longest and most tedious part was snipping the seams (which gives it the raggy look). That alone has put me off wanting to make another one. I had sore hands for a day or so after.

Today I learned (or rather, remembered) that it's often handy to take photos along the way. You never know what you're going to forget.

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