Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pointy Kitty

A while ago, when I was researching on the internet for a free cat pattern, I stumbled across directions for Pointy Kitty. I was smitten. I made this as a present for my daughter's 9th birthday. Her (ever-growing) collection of toy cats are named after characters in the Warrior Cats series, so this one has been renamed.
Her body and head are unbleached calico and the stripey bits are some cotton fabric scraps. The body is embroidered with lazy daisies. The eyes and nose are cut from felt. Instead of stitching the whiskers on, I used fishing line, which is knotted inside the head part. I'm not saying that we've ever had a cat with nylon whiskers, but I do think it makes for a more realistic look (which Miss 9 appreciates).
If the fabric and colours look familiar, it's because this kitty helped inspire my mini block quilt.
What I learned from this (my first foray into toy-making) is that even when you think you have enough stuffing, you oughta add some more anyway. This poor puss doesn't stand too well, due to her legs being a bit too bendable. By the time I realised this, I'd sewn the head on, and really didn't want to redo any tricky stitching.

Big thanks to Hillary Lang from Wee Wonderfuls for the pattern.

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