Friday, December 31, 2010

23 minutes left in the year...

This is one of those blog posts where the title has nothing whatsoever to do with the content.
It just is what it is.

The scenario:
You've lost something, so you search all over the house looking for it -- only to find instead something which you'd been looking for previously.

My reality:
I've "temporarily misplaced" some pieces of fabric -- namely two blue fat quarters, of which I need to cut a piece out of each for the next stage of the round robin I'm working on. Thinking back, I don't remember seeing them for some time now. But I wasn't looking for them before, so I can't be sure when they went "missing". (I refuse to say they are LOST. They are somewhere in the house. They must be.)
And so I was searching quite aggressively this evening, and happened upon several other fabric pieces which I didn't realise weren't in their proper home in the sewing room; a pair of scissors I forgot I owned, which would've come in handy many times over the past few weeks; a pack of needles that I was needing four days ago; the TV Guide for the week ending today; and the instructions I'd printed for something, which I had been about to start looking for next.

And what did I learn from this? -- to tidy up and become more organised?
No -- because I knew that already; I just have trouble following through.

No, what I think I must do is decide on something I'm looking for, have a little look for it, and if unsuccessful, try to forget about it and start searching for something else instead.

Then it's bound to turn up.

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