Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Cat Picture Day

I've decided that every so often it's going to be Random Cat Picture Day. Not necessarily on a Thursday, like today, because I know that if I say that, it'll only last for one week. (Nah, I don't bother with New Year's resolutions either.)

So, thinking I was being clever, but then realising this is a world of six billion people, I thought I'd better Google it. Make sure no one else had beat me to it. Incredibly, with that exact phrase, I only got three results. Now I don't know if it's just timing or locality or  something else entirely, but I'm guessing if somebody in, say, Kazakhstan did a Google search tomorrow, they should get the same results*. Is that how Google works? That's how I think it works, anyway.

Tabitha is sitting on a pile of batting which I'd cut for a QAYG quilt. I'm happy to report that that quilt is actually finished, and is on my bed right now. Photo taken last August; quilt was finished in time for christmas, which was good, because it is a christmas quilt, started the previous year. Not too bad, for me!

I've done some sewing today:
I mended my daughter's jacket;
I nearly finished a block (one seam to go, out of about 30);
I did some piecing on two others;
And I cut out for one row of a row quilt.

Actually it doesn't look like much, written out like that, but I feel I achieved something - especially because I didn't do any sewing yesterday, as I had my machine threaded up for the jacket fixing - which of course led to a whole day of procrastination. Sigh, what a waste of yesterday.

But today was good.

* Actually, they should get four, this post having that exact phrase as well! Yeeha!

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