Saturday, February 23, 2013

Building Skills

I've been a tad reluctant to introduce this BOM, because I haven't done any sewing on it yet - and so I am currently four (out of a total of twenty) blocks behind. It's the Skill Builder BOM, created by Alyssa over at Pile O' Fabric.

What I was finding the hardest was choosing a colour palette.

My first choice, in a moment of supposed inspiration, was monochrome.

But then I read in the instructions that it needs several colours, with several shades of each of those colours. Black, grey and white didn't seem to cut it any longer. (I ended up using these fabrics for a different quilt, so it wasn't a total waste of time picking them out, phew.)

Then I thought to use this stripe fabric as my inspiration, because I just love all the colours in it. There's a lovely warm feeling about it. It's a print by Sandy Gervais from Moda, of which I only bought half a metre - the last of the big time spenders, that's me!

I pulled some other fabrics to go with it (I just love stash shopping!); as well as a cream, for my neutral background.

Trying to narrow it down to just 12 colours for the 1st block.

I haven't sewn anything yet, although I've done the cutting for the first couple of blocks.

Maybe tomorrow...

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